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To Make Your Life Memorable – Is Our Top Priority

we are driving crazy with each and every session we work on

Our mission is to please you in every way possible with our photography as well as our video, to capture every emotion and detail to make your moments unforgettable. We have a wide range of services that includes:

  • Full coverage of weddings and debuts
  • Family portraits
  • Seniors, kids
  • Engagement
  • Family reunions
  •  The quality of our service has not only let our clients satisfied it has encouraged them to refer us to friends and family.

    It is original and unique and the memories are endless.
  • Each video is edited and produced with care and the most attention to every detail.

    We invite you to view our video work.


Services Description




Jordi Studio captures every moment of your special day with a variety of photos starting from second your journey begins to the very last moment of your day. Our mission is to make your photos detailed and full of emotion. Our photography is unique and creative.




Jordi Studio will be more than happy to capture your event by video. Our video's cover your whole event, every detail, emotion, laugh, cry to make your memories special. We take pride in providing you with our edited video with a series of special moments to remember at the end of each video with special effects and your choice music! Our video's are digital and we provide two sets of video.


Be a Star!

You can be the star of the moment. Let Jordi Studio capture the best of you and impress everyone. Our video clips are custom and unique for an unforgettable video clip. Check out our samples! And custom create your own!



Memories are endless

Jordi Studio will be glad to express your special moments in a 12 minute slideshow. We provide a portable big screen for your unforgettable moment.


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