And feel free to message me with questions or ! I decided after awhile to get back into writing - and my last story wasn't super well received, so I'm gonna try something a little more "porn-y" and see if it does any better. ~Audrey I was behind on rent. At only , it wasn't like I was super experienced in anything, and I could only work at the school if I lived in a dorm room.

My roommate suggested that I try nude modeling for an art class at the community college, but I exasperatedly explained to her that I was deathly afraid of being naked in front of strangers. And stupid free pictures of naked amateurs me wanted to prove what a grown-up I was and go live in my own place right out of high school. Besides, I didn't think I was that attractive - just sort of an average girl: foot , pounds, plain brown hair and brown eyes.

And I knew it was getting to the point where I needed to find another job. I found an ad on the internet that seemed pretty legitimate, something about modeling "back to school" fashion for a pretty low-level magazine. Nothing about my body screamed "model," but after two months and no new work, I knew I had to do something.

Nothing about it seemed creepy or off, and there was nothing about nudity. I didn't know anyone there, at all - and had no idea for the amateur porn picture galleries life of me how to get to my hostel. Of course, I reached the city and was immediately overwhelmed. I briefly considered trying to go back, but of course I had no money.

They even offered to fly me all the way to New York for free after I sent a few headshots, and for an -year old girl living in Carbondale, Illinois, it seemed like an incredible opportunity. The only jobs I could seem to find were modeling-oriented.

Flattered, I took three days off of work and school and flew east. After a nearly fumbled conversation, he reluctantly agreed to come pick me up. I guessed he was about . " "Oh, I know," he replied with a wave of his hand. He was a plain-looking guy, losing a little hair. It took nearly minutes, but the yet-unseen Brian arrived in a rather nondescript gray sedan, and ushered me in.

In desperation, I called the modeling agency, asking for my scheduled interviewer, Brian. I was shy in the presence of a stranger, and clutched my big bag. If you'd like, we can fit you in now, and you'd get back home in time for. " I nodded, but said slowly, ". " This put me off a little, and made me feel a little discouraged.

well, you asked me to bring something dressy, right? "We just get a lot of girls. "I think I had you down for an interview tomorrow afternoon. " I gestured towards my gray hoodie and brown skinny jeans. We rushed towards the interview place, which was a little underwhelming.

We can set you up with our makeup professional. "Well," he said, quickly looking me over, "One girl we had scheduled for today. There was a desk and a couch, as well as a closed-off area that Brian walked me to. In a city full of skyscrapers, I expected to be doing this in a huge, beautiful glass building - but instead I was quietly ushered into what looked like a three-story apartment building.

" I nodded, and closed the curtain behind me to find a twenty-something white girl with perfectly straight blonde hair and a lot of jewlery smiling at me. "You must be Ashley," she said cheerfully. I was led up three flights of stairs, into a sort of open-air room that took up the entire top story of the building. "I see you brought a change of clothes?

Starting to feel a little nervous about whether or not I would impress at my interview, I pulled back the makeup curtain. I can't go into an interview like this. "Janaya will fix you up, alright? When I peeked out, I saw Brian at the desk, the couch well-lit with some video and photo gear pointed at it. Sitting down on the couch, I asked skeptically, "are you going to film this?

"The interview is the most important part of this process, and my boss does trust me to do it right. " "Yes," I responded plainly, and before long I was wearing a simple little black dress, my makeup hiding my still-receding acne and my plain brown hair done up in sort of a sexy bun.

He smiled and gestured for me to come over. " I was suddenly very self-conscious in my dress and heels. " I silently handed it to him, and brushed a strand of hair behind my head while he checked it over. "Now," he said, "I have a few questions. "Anyone know you're here? Come on out when you're all set.

But we spend a fair bit of money on our models, and have to be sure they're a perfect fit before we sign you on. a crazy thing, you know? "Do you have a boyfriend? " He scribbled something down. " I smiled self- consciously. " That seemed to make sense to me, and I nodded politely. "Ever done any modeling before? "And what size bra do you wear?

"Would you mind standing up? " I did as I was told. " I did so - a little self-consciously. Now I need you to do a quick spin around. "Very good," he said, writing more notes down. "Now, why are you interested in working with us, Ashley? " he pulled out a sheet of paper and clipboard. " "Well," I said, "I'm just really, really behind on money stuff.

" I of course thought it was a little odd that he didn't ask for the rest of my measurements, but I was so nervous it didn't really cause me any concern. and this seems like a pretty cool opportunity. "Excellent," he repeated.

I smiled, a little forcefully. " I beamed and nodded eagerly. "I just have a few more items for you. "I see," he smiled back. Does that sound good to you? "Well, here at International Models, you can expect to make anywhere from four to six thousand dollars a shoot. You have nothing to worry about there.

But we still need to get a good look at your body. My palms were sweating. "You heard me, Ashley. And you have nothing to hide, right? He waved his hand up and down at my body, and sat back in his chair, waiting. First, take off that dress. We received your headshots, and they were, well, excellent.

and then, shaking a little, pulled my dress over my head. After just a few moments, I was standing there, wearing only plain blue panties and a beige bra. " I shook my head silently. " I nodded, hesitated for another moment. "Put your arms down," he scolded. " And that's when I knew where this was going. "Now turn around, face the wall.

I free amateur nude pictures turned around, and waited for my next command. Now place your hands against the wall - that's right - and stick your rear out just a little bit. I would never make it back home. I had to run, and yet - I couldn't leave now. " Trembling, I did so.

Finally, I asked, "what? You'd be surprised at what some girls hide under their clothes. And then I heart Brian get up from his chair and slowly walk over. I hesitated for a moment. " I asked again, almost begging. " And when I turned my head, I saw the biggest, hairiest cock I could ever imagine, dangling in front of my terrified face. I'll start working on part soon!

I waited for what felt like eternity, my ass hanging out vulnerably. I just have one more question. "Yeah, just one more thing," he repeated. There's a lot of ways this could go - if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!

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